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[LAST UPDATED] January 1, 2008 @ 05:19am EST.

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[Last Updated] November 26, 2007 06:15pm EST

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[Last Updated] August 10, 2008 02:04am EST.

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These were made for a Role Playing Game I'm a member of over at GreatestJournal and figured I'd go ahead and post them here in case anyone is interested. Just wanted to clear out my files before starting on my new batch.

[13] Amanda SeyfriedCollapse )

Before & Afters
[11] Before & AftersCollapse )

[03] BasesCollapse ) (Comment to customize)
[05] CompletedCollapse )

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While going through and tagging old posts in my personal journal (about2fray), I found a lot of old graphics. Now, when I say old, I mean the earliest graphics I ever made. Would anyone be interested in seeing them?

I'm keeping them to show myself the "evolution" of my graphics making. Would anyone else like to see this progression?

Also, this account expires on 01/10/2008. Anyone interested in that "Promotion" I offered a while back?

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[38] StockCollapse )
[06] Law & Order: Special Victims UnitCollapse )
[03] MoonlightCollapse )
[01] Rachel BilsonCollapse )

[03] Law & Order: Special Victims UnitCollapse )
[01] Poltergeist: The LegacyCollapse )

Before & Afters
[02] Before & AfterCollapse )

Coming Up
"Poltergeist: The Legacy"
"Reno 911!: Miami"
Stephen King's "Desperation"
Stephen King's "Storm of the Century"

New Features at sandman_graphic
*_____I'm reinstating the previous offer for paid time. Please read the "Promotion" component at the right of the page for more details.
*_____I took the suggestion poll down. If anyone wants anything specific, just comment to any post or send me a message.
*_____I decided to make use of the "Links List". I'm still going to be updating my Resources Post, but the ones that are most useful, I put in the links list to the right.
*_____I also added a link to my Tags List. Now, if you're looking for anything specific, you can just click there and find it easily.

If anyone would like to request from me, you're welcome to join fragment_icons.
Anyone who's on my friends list here, is automatically added to my "loved" list there.

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Just a small batch. Some were made for a Role Playing game, some for challenges, and some just for the Hell of it. Enjoy.

[039] The X-FilesCollapse )
[019] Rachel BilsonCollapse )
[006] Poltergeist: The LegacyCollapse )
[005] Aaron DouglasCollapse )
[002] Battlestar GalacticaCollapse )
[001] Challenge EntryCollapse ) (Mod's Choice at bstg_icontest)

[001] Rachel BilsonCollapse )

Before & After
[029] Before & AftersCollapse )

Comments are awesome!

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I bring you 111 icons & 48 Before and Afters! Some look like duplicates, and for the most part they are. I experimented with some coloring, and saved most of the results. Most are just variants on the same pictures. I assure you, though, there are small differences. Besides, that just gives more options.

[80] Aaron DouglasCollapse )
[28] Battlestar GalacticaCollapse ) (Episode 2x13: Epiphanies)
[03] Challenge EntriesCollapse ) (forensics_lims)
[48] Before & AftersCollapse )

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Subject: Stephen King's "Rose Red" (General Movie)
Batch: Complete Table
Additional Notes: All icons were made using Screen Caps by dj43 at dj_capslock. They can be found HERE.
All other credits can be found here.
Please credit sandman_graphic if taking.

Began: July 21, 2007
Completed: September 21, 2007
| |
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Click Here to view progression

(Banner Made By pieds_joyeux)

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Before And Afters
I said a while ago that I would post some before an after icons. I thought this would be a good time. Let me know what you think. And if anyone is interested in a tutorial, let me know!

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[23] Emma WatsonCollapse )

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I bring you 76 new icons.
I confess. Many do seem to be the same icon. But, there are very subtle differences in each.

[76] Diagnosis MurderCollapse )

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[8] Battlestar GalacticaCollapse )
[5] The X-FilesCollapse )
[3] Andrea BowenCollapse )
[2] CSICollapse )
[1] Aaron DouglasCollapse )
[1] DegrassiCollapse )

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Here are some of the Textures // Backgrounds // Bases that I've made using this tutorial by silentsanity. #s 1-4 were made using Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8. #s 5-13 were made using Adobe Photoshop 7. Also, #s 5-13 may look a lot alike, but there are some subtle differences.

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Again, you can find an easy to follow tutorial for using these bases HERE. If anyone wants further assistance with actually putting these along with photo icons, let me know and I'll write one up.

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Here are some of the Textures // Backgrounds // Bases that I've made using this tutorial by silentsanity. All of these textures // backgrounds // bases were made using Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8. EXCEPT for #17! #17 was made using Adobe Photoshop 7.

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Now, these may not look like much, but if you look under the following cut, you'll see how to make them look pretty. Most know how to do this, but I'm bored and decided to do this anyway. This small tutorial was made using Adobe Photoshop 7.

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You may have seen some of these in some of the icons here.

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Just a few (13) new icons. Haven't been doing to much lately. The "Battlestar Galactica" icons were all for challenges (a few didn't actually get entered), the ones that were entered, didn't win. Also, four icons from promo pictures for the upcoming movie "A Butcher's Tale" (made for meshel73). Here we go:

[09] Battlestar GalacticaCollapse )
[04] A Butcher's TaleCollapse )

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I can't seem to find the table generator
that was making the lovely tables
for my previous posts. I went to the link,
and it's vanished. So, anyway, here are the icons.

[14] Aaron DouglasCollapse )
[09] Tahmoh PenikettCollapse )
[07] Battlestar GalacticaCollapse )
[05] Kristen BellCollapse )
[03] Rosario DawsonCollapse )
[01] Anna FarrisCollapse )

As always, comment if you take (please). And also, I love

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It's been a while. Here are 177 new icons.

[58] Kelly ClarksonCollapse )
[15] David DuchovnyCollapse )
[15] Law & Order: SVUCollapse )
[14] The Shawshank RedemptionCollapse )
[11] Avril LavigneCollapse )
[02] Christina AguileraCollapse )
[01] Battlestar GalacticaCollapse )
[01] Britney SpearsCollapse )

Please comment as I love feedback.
Please credit me if you take anything.
There's not really a penalty for this. But
it is the right thing to do.

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[15] Diagnosis MurderCollapse )
[1] Jennifer AnistonCollapse )
[3] Jessica BielCollapse )
[2] Kristen BellCollapse )
[2] OZCollapse )
[12] Poltergeist: The LegacyCollapse )

[1] Jessica BielCollapse )
[1] Poltergeist: The LegacyCollapse )

Take what you'd like, if you'd like. Please comment, credit and do not hotlink :)

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[2] Ben AffleckCollapse )
[2] Britney SpearsCollapse )
[4] Britney & JustinCollapse )
[2] Chad Michael MurrayCollapse )
[1] Hugh JackmanCollapse )
[2] Jessica SimpsonCollapse )
[2] Mariska HargitayCollapse )
[1] Stephen KingCollapse )

[3] Britney SpearsCollapse )
[1] Chad Michael MurrayCollapse )

Take what you'd like, if you'd like. Please leave comments!

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[4] Degrassi//MarcoCollapse )
[3] Jake GyllenhaalCollapse )
[2] Johnny DeppCollapse )
[] Josh HartnettCollapse )
[4] Keira KnightleyCollapse )
[5] Kelly ClarksonCollapse )
[1] Rebecca RomijnCollapse )

[1] Amber TamblynCollapse )
[1] Gillian AndersonCollapse )

Take what you'd like, if you'd like. Also, please
leave suggestions if you'd like.

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[9] CSICollapse )
[4] Amber TamblynCollapse )
[4] Law & Order: SVUCollapse )
[3] Christina SchmidtCollapse )
[1] HouseCollapse )

[1] Christina SchmidtCollapse )

Take what you'd like, if you'd like. Next up: More "House" for sure.

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Some of these are older. Since there are only three people friended to this place, most of you should know which are new. Either way, here they are!

[25] CSICollapse )
[8] Christina AguileraCollapse )
[2] The X-FilesCollapse )
[1] Jennifer Love HewittCollapse )
Take what you'd like, if you'd like. Next up: "HOUSE"!!!

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[5] Kelly ClarksonCollapse ) (These five are just variations on a previous base)
[3] Rachel McAdamsCollapse )
[2] Britney SpearsCollapse )
[2] Degrassi: The Next GenerationCollapse ) (They are both of Alex)

[9] The X-FilesCollapse )

[1] Christina AguileraCollapse )

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I was really bored, so I made some *crappy* quote icons. There is a group in here of "Degrassi RP" quotes in there. There are only three people that have friended this journal so far, and I know for a fact that two of you guys will know what these are all about. As for anyone else if//when they come, they are pretty much "inside jokes".

[112] Degrassi RP QuotesCollapse )
[144] Reno 911!Collapse )

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Alright, I've finally made some graphics to put in here.

[8] No Text, No AnimationCollapse )
[7] With Text, No AnimationCollapse )
[2] No Text, With AnimationCollapse )
[2] With Text, With AnimationCollapse )

Anyway, let me know what you think.

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